I am a liberal arts graduate from Vanderbilt University who, after not choosing to go down the chosen path to international government service, have been trying to figure out just what I am good at and love to do. From early jobs in Office Management and Marketing, I dove into freelance employment in order to stay home and raise a family.  What started with editing for some delightful graduate and undergraduate students turned into decorating; photo styling; furniture design with shells, paint, & stains; and clothing & accessory design.

With my muse and talented daughter, Claire, I started Robin Lane Goods to market our products. She is the graphic and web designer behind our operation as well as a crafter whose stationery designs will be featured in upcoming weeks. Our Logo, being redesigned now, features our philosophy of Renew * Reuse * Restore.

My studio is located upstairs in our remodeled farmhouse on a lovely piece of property  in southern Middle Tennessee. It is a free-for-all for artists. There are snippets of fabrics; shells; glues; paints; photo shoot props; photography; my beloved PowerBook G4; a fabulous work surface designed by my husband, Kerry, using old displays from a going-out-of-business fabric store; and hundreds of books and magazines filled with ideas. There is also my father’s old Underwood from the 1940s. He invested in typewriters and rented them to the high school for college spend money. I love it for the wonderful “font” it inspires as well as the utter joy in pounding keys to type real letters to friends and family.

I paint, craft, sew, crochet, knit, garden, and decoupage. But mostly I write. Hopefully, it will prove to be the most lucrative of my endeavors. If nothing else, it is the least messy!


8 thoughts on “Author”

  1. Very nice, i suggest Admin can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

  2. Emily, I love your website and blogs! I, too, live on a farm and LOVE porch sitting. I, too, believe that politics has become nothing but partisan bickering without a true focus on what’s best overall for our country. Maybe we Vandy liberal arts grads from Tennessee think alike?

  3. Nice Miss Emily, really nice. I just read a couple blogs of yours and have enjoyed your words!! Keep on sharing your thoughts, it’s a lovely gift you have.

    Your Friend Suzy

    • You are such a dear friend. I am glad you came here and found my writing. Thank you for the compliments. Your gifts are many too! For this reason I channel you almost daily! Ha! Love you!!!

  4. pamela scialoia said:

    Dear emily. Many years ago i had a children’s book called OTTO THE GROWLY BOY. my daughter loved it and for maybe 20 yearsi have been lookin for the one i lost. If u are the auther of this book i hope u will tell me where i can get one . Thank you. Pamela

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